Commercial Solar Package

How to save money on your business energy bill

with our Commercial Solar package

As most businesses are operational during daylight hours, that gives them the best opportunity to take advantage of solar benefits.

Whether your business operates in the premises that you own, or you are an owner that rents out your building, solar has benefits for both.

Whether you are looking at increasing your rental yield because you can reduce your tenants power bill, or you wish to increase your profits because you own your own premise, you should definitely be looking to take advantage of solar.

At Renew Energy Solutions we design individualised solar units, specifically for your building. These units are based on your current energy performance, desired results of your unit, roof surface area, the direction your roof faces and your budget.

No matter what size your premise is, we have a solar solution available for you.

Our finance package is powered by Parker Lane who were awarded Australia's Best for personal loans by in 2019!

Check our Solar Finance Fact Sheet & Indicative Payment Table

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