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Enphase are a Californian-based energy technology company, that specialise in microinverters, battery storage and smart solar technologies. Globally, over 820,000 enphase products have been installed, highlighting the success and mass-adoption of their technologies.

Enphase pride themselves in performance and reliability over the long-term. One of their major advantages is their home-based intelligence technologies, that allows consumers to have real-time insights for the performance of their solar units, through their web and mobile based applications.

Enphase Microinverters


Enphase IQ7 Microinverter

  • Optimised for high powered 60-cell, 72-cell* and 96-cell** modules
  • More than a million hours of testing
  • Class II double-insulated enclosure
  • Complies with advanced grid support, voltage and frequency ride-through requirements
  • Remotely updates to respond to changing grid requirements
  • Configurable for varying grid profiles


Enphase S-Series Microinverter

Enphase S-Series Microinverter

  • Output Power: up to 260/270VA
  • Commonly used module pairing – input power: up to 350 W
  • Compliance: AS 4777.2, AS 4777.3, RCM, IEC/EN 61000-6-3, IEC/EN 62019-1, IEC/EN 62109-2
  • Configurable for variable grid profiles


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