Commercial & Industrial Solar

As most businesses are operational during daylight hours, that gives them the best opportunity to take advantage of solar benefits.

Whether your business operates in the premises that you own, or you are an owner that rents out your building, solar has benefits for both.

Whether you are looking at increasing your rental yield because you can reduce your tenants power bill, or you wish to increase your profits because you own your own premise, you should definitely be looking to take advantage of solar.

At Renew Energy Solutions we design individualised solar units, specifically for your building. These units are based on your current energy performance, desired results of your unit, roof surface area, the direction your roof faces and your budget.

No matter what size your premise is, we have a solar solution available for you.

If you are interested in utilising a Commercial Solar Package for your home, then we’d love to speak. Either Request a Quote below or book in for your FREE solar assessment.

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Solar inverters are devices that will convert DC solar panel voltage into mains type AC power; suitable for use in your home or business.

Our Range

Solar inverter residential rooftop solar power

Fronius Symo

solar power inverter sunshine coast

Fronius Primo

solar power inverter sunshine coast

Zeversolar Zeverlution

solar power inverter sunshine coast


Solar panels uses sunlight to produce a photovoltaic effect to generate power. This is the process by which light is converted to energy at the atomic level.

Our Range


Canadian Solar

Quintech CS6K-260 |265|270|275P

The new Quintech poly modules use the latest five busbar technology, increasing power output and system reliability.

solar power inverter sunshine coast


High Performance polycrystalline module

solar power inverter sunshine coast