Solar Maintenance

Why is Solar Maintenance So Important?

It is critical that all connections and cabling are inspected regularly.  Solar panels can generate up to 1000v DC.  This type of output coupled with loose connections can easily cause a fire. An important aspect of solar maintenance is to check for any faults or loose connections. During the summer storm season it is important to remain diligent.  Immediately after any major storm, it is recommended that all connections and fasteners should be checked.  The manufacturer of your Solar mounting system recommends this, as well as being a part of the annual solar maintenance checks. At Renew Energy Solutions our technician will check all of your panels, racking, wiring, inverter and the overall solar system performance.

Our annual solar maintenance service includes;

  • an electrical safety check on all components, including an electrical characteristics test where we open and inspect all DC isolators checking on the connections and water ingress
  • the solar inverter is checked for correct operation and clean any air filters
  • a check on the racking system to ensure nothing has worked loose
  • a physical check on all cables and wiring, including fasteners and connections
  • cleaning solar panels and checking solar panels for any destabilisation in the backing (i.e. yellowing) signifying panel breakdown and fire risk
  • any minor issues are fixed on the spot
  • a Full Solar Maintenance Report is provided at the end of the service, noting any small adjustments that were made and any areas that will require further attention
  • a Full Insurance report can also be provided if required for any claims.

Based on recommendations in the Australian Standard AS NZS 5003, your solar maintenance and cleaning solar panels will ensure that you are generating the optimum results from your solar power system.

Did You Know that Dirty Panels Can Cause Up To a 15% Loss in Performance?